About Business Radar

Important facts about Business Radar and the use of it

Business Radar

Technical Information

Business Radar is a web application, or a cloud service if you like, to be used from anywhere over the Internet from any device.
The application is hosted by Crystone AB in a data center located in Sweden, providing a 7/24/365 operation with support.
Since the application makes extensive use of HTML5 and CSS3 features to provide a good user experience it is essential to use a modern web browser capable of these features.


For questions regarding subscriptions, purchasing or invoices please contact Customer Service.

For technical support, send an e-mail to support@businessradar.se.
Your e-mail will be answered, weekdays within 24 hours.


When you use Business Radar you need to accept the User Terms and Conditions each time you log in.
These terms states what you can expect from the Business Radar application and some rules for how you may use the application.

When you subscribe to Business Radar you enter an agreement for the subscription.
The Subscription Terms and Conditions regulates the common details of that agreement.

Price Plan

Current Price Plan applies from 2018-04-01 until further notice

All prices are excluding any VAT or any other fees that may apply

When a subscription is entered or renewed, the current Price Plan on the date the subscription is invoiced applies to the subscription.
The priceplan is fixed for the term of the subscription, an may only change when a subscription is renewed.

Base Subscription

Business Radar

   User accounts25
   Admin accounts1


20.000 kr



5.000 kr


2.000 kr

When extra accounts are ordered the price is divided by the number of months in the price period, and you will be invoiced for the remaining months until the subscriptions renewal date.
The extra accounts will be added to the subscription and the full price will apply for the next subscription period.